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How We Onboard New Team Members

Aaron Hurst
Purposeful Management

We designed our onboarding to embrace new hires and help them feel a strong sense of clarity, confidence, and connection. It works for us, and we’re excited to share it with other HR leaders. I hope you can use this to create transformational onboarding programs within your organization.

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Purposeful Leadership

Athleta’s CEO On Balancing Strength With Softness

As a working mother, Green took the opportunity as a CEO to design a culture where working parents thrived.

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What Being Raised Buddhist Taught me About Leadership

Being raised a BuJew has deeply impacted the way I lead and my career path.

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Degreed CEO David Blake Wants To Reward Life-Long Learning

Blake disassembled adult learning and then put it back together to make it work for today's workforce.

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Purposeful Management

New Research: Peers Key to Growth

As it turns out, the career advice I have been dispensing all this time may be wrong. When asked what to look for in a new job, I often tell people to focus their attention on the manager: What can you learn from them?

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5 Ways to Build Psychological Safety On Your Team

Does your team feel they can take risks?

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Five Reasons Employee Engagement Failed

Employee engagement, as it has commonly been measured, has failed to improve work. Even Gallup, the leading advocate admits that “employee engagement has barely budged in years.”

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Research on Purpose

5 Ways to Become an Inspirational Manager

Are you an inspiring manager? We have known for a long time that having engaged team members is better than having people who are simply satisfied. They are 44% more productive—that is like adding a part-time person to your team at no additional cost. According to Bain and Company, however, it looks like engagement is too much of a low bar. It turns out that inspired employees are 125% more productive than satisfied ones. That is like adding more than one full-time person to your team. Why is “inspiration” so powerful?

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[eBook Download] Launching Your Purpose: The Three Phases of Employee Adoption

Download our latest eBook and learn about: Laying the foundation for purpose to create belonging Empowering employees to take ownership Activating your purpose into the daily work of all employees Plus advice from our partners at EY, WeFirst, Brighthouse, and Carol Cone.

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Executive Summary: Mercer’s 2018 Global Talent Trends Study

In their 2018 Global Talent Trends Study, Mercer, the world's largest human resources consulting firm, focuses their attention on the need for organizations to be agile and innovative to thrive in what the World Economic Forum is calling the Human Era (aka the Purpose Economy).

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Purposeful Careers

How To Avoid a Midlife Crisis

A midlife crisis, it turns out, is like an earthquake. An earthquake is caused by the release of years of tension between two tectonic plates.

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The New Millennial Career Model

Apt as it may have been for another time, the “learn, earn, and then return” model is inadequate for today

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My Purpose: Organization, Karma & Community

As the co-founder and CEO of Imperative, and the designer of the Purpose Pattern Assessment, I am often asked what my own pattern is and how it has impacted my career decisions.

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Purpose Economy

How to Scale Growth Mindset In Your Company

Adopting a Growth Mindset requires more than just acquiring knowledge. Frankly, that’s the easy part. Adopting a Growth Mindset requires a change in identity. You have to let go of many false notions about who you are as a person and work on your sense of self.

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Aaron Hurst on the Purpose Economy

Big Think: Imperative CEO Aaron Hurst describes how we our evolving from an information economy to an economy of purpose. Hurst is the author of The Purpose Economy: How Your Desire for Impact, Personal Growth and Community Is Changing the Worl

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I Am Not a Human Resource — I Am a Human Being

Do you want your kids and grandkids to grow up to be human resources? Human capital? I want mine to grow up to be human beings.

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