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Imperative combines the science of purpose with the social learning of peer coaching to transform your culture from the inside out.

Why Peer Coaching?

Traditional coaching is available only to high potential employees or C-suite leaders. Mentoring requires a large pool of expert-level employees.

Imperative harnesses ​the collective power of​ ​all​ ​your employees​ to provide transformational coaching across your organization, for everyone.


Here’s How We Activate Your People with Purpose

The 4-Step Purpose-Driven Transformation Process

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Employees take the ​Purpose Profile​ and align their purpose with the organization’s purpose and values.


Imperative’s proprietary ​Matching Algorithm​ matches all employees to peers for sets of curated coaching conversations.

Peer Coaching

Employees complete sets of 30-45 minute peer coaching sessions on the ​Imperative Peer Coaching Platform​ – on customized topics related to Corporate Values, Power Skills, Career Development, Leadership Development, or Organizational Change). Learn more.


Employees develop clarity about their purpose, the courage to own their career, connections to uncover opportunity, and the motivation to authentically support your organization’s future growth.

Peer Coaching

People are matched with peers for curated offline conversations that create a learning culture where everyone owns their fulfillment.

Peer Matching

Our proprietary algorithm increases the odds of connecting the right people.

Coaching Modules

Each module is focused on a specific outcome with three 45-minute conversations completed in under a month.

Curated Conversations

Each conversation is guided by prompts and tips based on the science of connection and social learning theory.

Administrative Dashboard

Organizations can track the progress as their employees engage in peer coaching conversations.

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