What If Everyone in Your Organization Discovered Their Purpose, Activated It in Their Daily Work, and Harnessed It to Lead Courageously?

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Our Purpose Assessment Platform

Uncover Every Employee’s
Purpose Drivers

Based on their results from an online assessment, each person discovers their core Purpose Drivers and receives a draft of their Purpose Statement.

Activate Purpose 
on Every Team

Managers can run team reports and create dynamic team meeting agendas.  

Link Individuals to Your Organizational Purpose

Leaders have the opportunity to tailor the messaging within the Imperative platform to show how each person's purpose fits into the company's culture.

We’re Powered by
the Leading Research on Purpose

Imperative has led the largest global research on the science of purpose at work. Our research advances the movement and powers our Purpose Assessment Platform.  

We’ve Created a Common Language
Around Purpose to Make it Real and Accessible

We've Broken the Mold of
the Talent Assessment

The latest technology and developmental models enables us to redefine the talent assessment to create a transformational and sustained impact.

Activation Tools

The assessment goes beyond self-discovery and begins to create true behavior change.

Integrated Learning

We've adapted to meet diverse learning styles with everything from video to social learning.

Collaborative Features

Our platform includes, scalable, dynamic resources to trigger purpose-powered communication.

Customized to Your Organization

You organization’s voice and purpose is a core part of the experience.

We Inspire a Purpose Mindset

Imperative's research has uncovered the psychological process that leads
someone to create a change in mindset to embrace an orientation
to work that enables them to be fulfilled.


You uncover your purpose drivers and create the story of how they connect to your past and current work.


You create a mental model to align your current and future goals with your purpose.


You inspire and enable purpose for your colleagues and teams.

We Drive Transformational Conversations

The transformational power of Imperative is in our peer coaching model that scales true change. In each step of the Purpose Mindset development process, you partner with a colleague for structured coaching conversations that:

• Deliver the transformational coaching each person needs
• Create strong bonds between colleagues
• Provide a powerful shared experience
• Establishes a culture where a Purpose Mindset is supported and reinforced

Join the Movement: Become a Certified Purpose Leader

Gain the knowledge and personal development you need to bring purpose to your organization.

Imperative’s Certified Purpose Leader training program takes a train-the-trainer approach to developing leaders in HR, Learning & Development, and other human-centered roles. It integrates our breakthrough research on psychological Purpose Drivers with practical exercises and coaching skills to immediately begin awakening purpose in others.

Learn About our CPL Program.