Imperative is the Talent Development Solution for a New Generation of Leaders

The Three Stage Employee Journey

1. Uncover Every Employee’s Purpose Drivers

Based on their results from an online assessment, each person discovers their core Purpose Drivers and receives a draft of their Purpose Statement.

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2. Engage in Peer Coaching

Dynamically match with colleagues for curated offline conversations that change careers and relationships.

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3. Integrate Purpose on Every Team

Utilize dynamic team reports and meeting agendas based on the purpose of each member.

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Our Assessment Creates a Common Language
For Purpose to Make it Real and Accessible

Peer Coaching

People are matched with peers for curated offline conversations that create a learning culture where everyone owns their fulfillment.

Peer Matching

Our proprietary algorithm increases the odds of connecting the right people.

Coaching Modules

Each module is focused on a specific outcome with three 45-minute conversations completed in under a month.

Curated Conversations

Each conversation is guided by prompts and tips based on the science of connection and adult learning theory.

Administrative Dashboard

Organizations can track the progress as their employees engage in peer coaching conversations.

Ongoing Team Development

People use dynamic team reports and meeting agendas to transform how they work and boost performance.

Team Reports

Based on the purpose drivers of team members, uncover how to maximize the relationships, impact and growth on each team.

Member Coaching

Each team member gets dynamic  coaching on how to maximize their fulfillment and performance on the team.

Dynamic Team Meeting Agendas

Teams can print dynamic agendas based on their members on topics from “increasing impact” to “adapting to change.”

Join the Movement:
Become a Certified Purpose Leader

Gain the knowledge and personal development you need to bring purpose to your organization.

Imperative’s Certified Purpose Leader training program takes a train-the-trainer approach to developing leaders in HR, Learning & Development, and other human-centered roles. It integrates our breakthrough research on psychological Purpose Drivers with practical exercises and coaching skills to immediately begin awakening purpose in others.

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