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Imperative combines the science of purpose with the social learning of peer coaching to transform your culture from the inside out.

Why Peer Coaching?

Traditional coaching is available only to high potential employees or C-suite leaders. Mentoring requires a large pool of expert-level employees.

Imperative harnesses ​the collective power of​ ​all​ ​your employees​ to provide transformational coaching across your organization, for everyone.

Imperative makes coaching available to ten times as many employees for the same investment you are making in coaching today.

How It Works

How do you scale peer coaching across a 500, 5,000, or 50,000 person organization? Imperative's platform makes it easy. We design conversations with you and then use our matching algorithm to pair employees. The conversations are scheduled and completed over video-chat on our platform. At the end of each conversation, we measure the results so you can immediately see the impact.

Purpose Profile

Each employee creates a purpose profile that defines their intrinsic motivations and who they are at their best. This profile creates the psychological safety necessary to enter a peer coaching conversation and provides the insights needed for the platform to match and design conversations for them.

Conversation Catalog

Partners can select from our catalog of peer conversation modules or work with us to build unique experiences for their employees.


With each set of conversations, we design an algorithm for matching employees with the ideal partner for the conversations. The algorithm then improves over time as it measures outcomes. This takes the risk and effort out of matching employees.

Video Conversation

Peers from the other side of the office or the other side of the world conduct their conversations face-to-face over integrated video. It breaks down silos and builds connections across the organization.

Coaching Prompts

Employees need no training or experience to engage in transformational peer conversations as we provide the prompts and tips for every question. They are each designed based on coaching best practices and positive psychology.

Outcome Management

At the end of conversations, each person records their reflections, pledged actions, and also measures the outcomes. This is then accessible to the program administrator to measure the success of the program.

Peer Coaching - No Training Necessary

Peer Coaching was never scalable before because employees had to be trained as coaches. Imperative’s purpose profiling engine makes it possible for everyone in the organization to be an effective coach - with no training.

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Peers are matched based on meaningful traits and aspirations.
The platform customizes the prompts for the peer coach to use.
The conversation generates relevant examples that prevent coachees from getting stuck.
Everyone is able to anchor to their purpose which helps frame each conversation in an appreciative inquiry model that prevents deficit thinking.

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