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6 Ways HR Professionals and Managers Can Increase Millennial Retention Rates

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Duration: 40 minutes
Presenters: Courtney Deimel, Director of Organizational Development & Erin Reiner, Head of Marketing
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Cultivate and empower more effective managers
Create a culture of belonging
Drive performance and personal fulfillment
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Launching Your Purpose
You articulated your company’s purpose and are excited to launch it to inspire and galvanize your team. This Imperative guide takes your through the three phases of employee adoption and the tactics associated with each one.
Three Phases of Purpose-Driven Leadership Development
Purpose-driven leaders tap into the deep well of intrinsic motivation inside themselves and those around them. They also inspire their teams to achieve extraordinary results. In this Imperative guide, learn what employers need to provide a comprehensive journey to develop a pipeline of purpose-driven leaders.
Empowering Women to Lead
Women are more likely to embrace purpose and become leaders fueled by building relationships, making an impact and continuously growing. This Imperative guide provides 5 ways to empower women in the workforce to succeed using purpose.
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2016 Workforce Purpose Index
In our second annual study of the role of purpose in the workforce in partnership with LinkedIn. This index provides data that shows the tangible outcomes of purpose-driven performance for talent and businesses.
2015 Workforce Purpose Index
The Imperative Workforce Purpose Index is the first comprehensive study of purpose-oriented workers across the U.S. workforce. This index provides the data to support the case that purpose-driven workers are the foundation for successful organizations, a thriving economy, and healthy society overall.
Purpose in Higher Education
We conducted the Purpose in Higher Education study in collaboration with the University of Michigan, Grinnell College and Seattle Pacific University—learning that 47% of college students are purpose-oriented and are raising the bar for higher education and the workplace.
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Crafting your Personal Narrative using your Leadership Style
6 Ways HR Professionals and Managers Can Increase Millennial Retention Rates
Using Neuroscience to Create Purpose and Fulfillment at Work